Buy to let Property Clients

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Buy to let Property Clients

Buy to let Property Clients
When you get involved in the buy to let property investment market, you will find that your clients will come from a broad range of backgrounds. There are a variety of reasons why people will want to use privately rented accommodation. In some cases, people are sometimes are forced to rent due to economic and social circumstances, while for others renting is increasingly seen as a preferred option.


Your specific target market will include any of the following groups listed below:

· People whose main family home is based in the countryside but who need to rent a 'crash pad' near their place of work.
· Young professionals who have recently graduated and who prefer the career flexibility that renting gives them.
· Executives who have relocated to a new town and who are prepared to pay the rent on an upmarket home for a transitional period.
· Retirees who spend part of the year abroad and want a UK base for a few months.

The more traditional tenant groups include:

· Students. There is insufficient university accommodation to house the huge expansion in student numbers that has taken place since 1997. However, this market is vulnerable to changes in Government policy and increases in tuition fees may affect student numbers.
· People who are divorcing or coming out of a relationship.
· Young people leaving home who see renting as a first step to buying a home. .