Investing in property

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Investing in property

Why is your property discounted?

In the recent times, investing in property has meant substantial profits for a lot of people who chose to take the plunge in the property market.  Property investing has managed to generate more property millionaires than those seen in recent times. This form of investing has become one of the more favoured ways of making significant amounts of money, in relatively small time periods.

So what factors have helped to make so many property millionaires in the recent times? The high rise and the subsequent fall in the stock market was certainly one of the major factors that drove investors to transfer their investments from the declining stocks to the property market.


This meant substantial amounts of cash being poured into the market, and this combined well with the high demand in housing to fuel the market. In addition to this, some of the other main underlying factors that have recently fuelled the market include:

Although rates have risen, the recent low interest rates, have combined with low inflation to make property investments much more attractive than other forms of investments.

The volatility in the stock market still continues which will make the property market attractive.

The 1988 and 1966 Housing acts have been rebalanced, resulting in the buy to let market being less risky. 

Increased job mobility and a rise in single households combined with rises in house prices means that demand for rented property is high.

The continuous increased demand for housing with the changing social environment leading to further pressures on housing.

There have been many other factors that have pushed the prices up, but the recent rises illustrate the significant type of benefits that can be enjoyed from Investment Property