Investment Property Mortgages

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Investment Property Mortgages
Investment Property Mortgages

IPM’S have developed a bad reputation since the crash and have put fear in the hearts of lenders, some have even gone so far as to remove this service altogether. What is an Investment Property Mortgages? It is a loan and most of them are for 100% investment property mortgage.

Now just looking at that should send up a red flag. Why? Because a smart investor does not buy at 100% of the market value, the goal is 80% or less. Too many investors and lenders were lulled into a false sense of security by thinking that demand would out weigh the availability of investment properties and so while a 100% IPM was a risk, they thought they would profit as properties would sell for more than they were worth. Whew! Bad idea! When the market crashed so did a lot of investors.


Bottom line here is Investment Property Mortgages can still work, but it is up to the investor to be smart do the research and buy under the market value. That is the only way to gain a profit and a solid investment portfolio.

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