Posted on June 26, 2017.

According to DTZ Research, investors have revised up their investments in property.

According to The Great Wall of Money, published by DTZ Research, Studies branch of the global property consulting company DTZ, $281 billion should be available in 2011 for property investment around the world, an 22% increase over December 2009. The biggest spenders will be investors in the United States with 97 billion dollars, up 54% compared to December 2009. Then comes the Asia-Pacific with spending intentions of $71 billion of investment, up 29% from one year to the next” The current attractiveness of the United States contrasts with the situation of the proper y market a year earlier. Most markets were regarded as “cold” by offering low rates of return below the expectations of investors. The return of the property market to a better configuration remains largely untapped until now, the level of investment remains relatively low compared with those in Europe or Asia-Pacific, "analyzes Nigel Almond, associate director in the Forecast & Strategy team at DTZ.

The majority of available capital continues to target Europe with $112 billion, unchanged from December 2009."For the investment funds with unique geographic allocation, the United Kingdom remains the world's most acclaimed in Europe followed by the most liquid markets such as France, Germany, Sweden and Italy. Due to the lack of new capital to housing markets we do not anticipate a strong market growth in 2011 compared to other regions. But rising property investment volumes in the first half of 2010 suggests that the rebound is already underway, aided by the recovery values. Cross-border investment should continue,with more capital being raised today outside Europe, "says Magali Marton, Head of Research for the area CEMEA
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