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History has shown that investing in property has consistently generated a significant amount of wealth for investors looking to enjoy healthy returns. Investing in property is one of the major ways to generate wealth at high levels.

Investing in property offers a number of benefits helping the investments perform good on the long term. Some of these advantages include:

Leverage, appreciation, depreciation and diversification.

Leverage means that it is very easy to borrow against property. An investor benefits from the appreciation regardless of how much is borrowed. If done properly, depreciation write offs is an important factors in property that can help you shelter your income


Advantages of Mortgage Financing

A major advantages of property investment is the fact that is relatively easy to borrow money from lenders to fund a property purchase. Not many others forms investments enjoy the benefit of lenders giving away money so easily to help you make some more. In addition to that, the interest rates on the borrowing are also relatively low, helping an investment work better and the borrower has a choice of mortgage products to decide between options such as fixed or variable repayments to help plan the investment better.

Someone else will pay off the mortgage payments

This is another of the biggest benefits enjoyed by the buy to let investor who gets the tenants to pay off the mortgage on a property until the balance is free and the property is owned by the investor.

Many property investors have generated big fortunes from following the fundamentals of property investing. Following the basic Investment Property rules can ensure big success.