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Buy to Let Property in the UK

Many people starting out in property investment rightly look around for help and advice. As buy-to-let property investment has boomed in the last five years an industry has sprung up to offer education and guidance to would-be investors. In fact people are queuing up to offer advice: TV programmes, newspaper features, books, magazines and educational coursesProperty Investment Courses

This last group of companies, offering educational courses and seminars, has grown rapidly in the last few years. Recently, thousands of people have already paid for some sort of education to kick-start their investment in property.
But are these courses value for money? Here are some of the Pros and Cons.



Arguments against

Cost: Seminars cost between a few hundred and a few thousand pounds. And price is not necessarily a guarantee of quality. Going on a course can eat into the funds you have available for a deposit or refurbishing a property.

 Some say that some two or three day courses feel ‘padded-out’ with genuinely useful and informative material forming only part of the content.

 Some education companies use their course as a selling opportunity. They offer investment property in the UK and Spain to people attending their events. Nothing wrong with this in principle, but some customers complain that they felt rushed into a property purchase at the end of a course without time to do proper homework on the deal.

Cheaper alternatives:
 There is an argument that most of the educational content on offer in property courses and seminars can be found cheaper – or for free – in books, newspapers and websites.

Arguments for

Content: For every complaint we’ve heard about the educational content of courses we’ve heard many more say that their course contained valuable information and insights. One, two and three day courses allow important subjects to be tackled in depth, often with case studies and ‘walk-throughs’ on complicated matters like raising finance and risk assessment.

Time for reflection:
 For some taking a day or two out of everyday life to properly think through the ins-and-outs of private property investment is invaluable. Seminars and courses allow you to immerse yourself in the subject in a way that just isn’t possible by reading a newspaper or magazine or even (we’re afraid to say!) a website.

 One of the main pluses of doing a course is that it can spur you into action. Buy-to-let investment can seem daunting, but spending time with other people in the same position as you and hearing their experiences, hopes and concerns can really fire your enthusiasm to get started.

 As well as introducing you to other investors a course will normally give you useful contacts with experts and suppliers that could be useful in your investment planning: tax advisers, mortgage brokers, lettings and furnishing specialists as well as companies that can identify property opportunities and negotiate discounts on new-build properties.

Our conclusion

On balance we think property investment courses are a good idea, even though they are not for everyone.

If you have the budget to spend some time and money learning the fundamentals of property investment – and you like the idea of meeting other investors like you to swap advice and war-stories – then consider going on a course. We also provide a comprehensive property course that has helped many investors discover how to get wealthy from property investment.