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How to get started in the investment property market
Property Market

Getting started in the Investment Property market is no longer a big secret. There are many companies offering to share the big secrets to getting involved in the property market, but the truth is you don’t have to spend lots of your hard earned cash to learn things that you probably could have worked (or already knew) yourself.


Getting started in the property market is about getting to know what different options are available to you as an investor to get you started. You need to ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • Do you want to be spending endless hours of research and money on seminars to get up to speed with the market?

  • Do you want to join investment and property clubs with mere hope of gaining valuable knowledge without any certainly?

  • Do you want to spend valuable time and money figuring out the best way forward?

The fact is that a lot of people do fall into the property millionaire hype and fall into the trap of wasting a lot of valuable time and money to unfortunately stay stagnant in their property dreams. The sweet talking salesman and motivational speakers are made to talk you into parting with your money for their benefit; it is their job.

The ideal scenario for an investor is to be shown real properties that will make them instant profit. How many people get to see or find resale property that is being sold at a minimum of 15% below the market value? We are not talking off plan property with padded prices to justify discounts, we are talking about real re-sale property that will be advertised at your estate agents at much more than you would pay for it. The short answer is not many can guarantee in finding you undervalued property. The motivational speakers and books will not offer you property for sale