Residential Letting Agent

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Residential Letting Agent

Residential Letting Agent

One of the key skills required for residential estate agents is excellent communication skill. You need to be a good communicator and have a good ability to be able to deal with people from all walks of life. Maintaining professionalism is an important part of the job to achieve success.

Your working relationship will involve working with both You will need to be able to landlords, tenants and potential tenants. Managing a property on behalf of a landlord will mean you will be responsible for providing the property owner with information on the necessary changes that need to be carried out before a tenancy can start, as well as offering advice on the amount of rent that the property owner can expect to receive for a particular house. .


As well as dealing with landlords and tenants, you will also need to communicate with cleaners, decorators and builders for regular property maintenance work and to ensure that the property is fit for use. You will also deal with gas and electrical engineers to make sure maintenance work complies with safety regulations.

Dealing with tenants will mean that you will need to have good negotiation skills to find a property that matches their specific needs and budget. Some tenants may be pickier than others and will expect a property of high standards. Good client service skills will be essential and good diplomacy and tact will come in handy when dealing with complaints.

Written skills will also play a big part. The ability to write clearly and concisely to draft property details and to provide tenants with written terms and conditions in their lease or rental agreement will be a necessary requirement.

The ability to keep up to date with changing property regulations will be useful as regulations concerning rental properties can change quickly