Spanish property

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Spanish property

Spanish Property - Distressed and Below Market Value Sales in Spain

If you are looking to buy undervalued Spanish property that is heavily discounted and substantially below market value, then visit this below market value Spanish Property section for a list of undervalued properties. We specialise in supplying undervalued Spanish property for investors who are looking for a bargain. We offer genuine below market value properties that are offered by sellers who are desperate to sell their property quickly at rock bottom prices.

Our aim is to assist distressed sellers obtain a quick sale by offering their property to purchasers who are looking for genuine undervalued property. There are many distressed sellers who face a variety of circumstances which require a quick sale. We have property from sellers who have stretched their finances too far to be able to complete on a property sale and face the risk of the property being repossessed resulting in the loss of the large deposit that will have been placed on a property.


In such cases, we offer to sell these properties at below market value to help the investor recover some of the money. This can mean selling the property at predevelopment values or less, giving discounts in excess of 20%.

Other reasons for selling a house include a change in personal circumstances which require the seller to sell quick and return to their homeland. In every circumstances, our aim is to create a win/ win situation where the seller gets a quick sale and the buyer a property at prices much lower than the market value.

We help property buyers through every step of the purchasing process. Browse our online list of distressed sales in Spain and simply send us an enquiry about any property that interests you. We will be happy to discuss the details further and arrange a viewing trip. We charge a €500 per viewing trip, which is refunded if you decide to buy.

We also offer a complete financial service to help you arrange the necessary finance to complete a purchase. So shop around our list of below market properties and get your hands on bargain villas and apartments that you would not normally see in an estate agents window. We offer deals that are secretly guarded to help your money go further.

Spain still remains as the favourite place for Brits to visit, so buying in Spain still makes a lot of sense. The fact that the long term fundamentals of the Spanish market are strong makes buying in Spain a very attractive proposition. This combines well with the continuous rental demand by holidaymakers, helping investors get more out of their properties than in other places offering cheap deals.

Whether you are looking for a bargain villa, finca or a luxury apartment, view our below market property in Spain to get started.