Investing in a Declining Property Market

August 18, 2009 in Property Investment by Kez

There has been much talk about entering a property market that has been going through a slump for quite some time. But the problem arises when there are not enough people who are willing to put in sufficient capital which is required to carry on in a slack market. If you are planning to invest in a declining property market, then you need to read the following five facts:


  • To start with avoid paying prices which the buyers ask. Most of the buyers are usually asking for prices in and around the amount of their mortgage, but the fact is that in a property market constantly showing a downward trend, this is not the way to go for them. If you have plans to acquire a particular property, then get down assessing it thoroughly and if it seems to be a potentially profitable investment for the months to come, then get going with your offer. In a downward property market, it is not unusual to ask for a discount for up to 20 percent. And if the seller refuses your offer, you got nothing to lose as you can look for other properties, while the seller will realize sooner rather than later that his price is simply too high for the market.
  • You need to focus on location before making any investments in the property market. In order to make the smart investment you need to plan and give special attention to the location of your property.
  • You need to be a little patient, as making an investment in a downward property market is a long-term investment. You should waive off any thoughts of making instant profits, but eventually, when the market goes up again, you will be among the leaders if you were wise enough to make the right investments and stick with them.
  • When entering a declining property market, you should not entertain any ideas of flipping houses, because it does not happen. Only a few lucky investors are able to make a successful flip, and quickly flipping is dying out. You would be better off investing in many properties and making repairs when necessary to them so that your chances of making pounds are increased.

Becoming a landlord is currently the order of the day in the property market. There are millions of people who have lost their houses for one reason or the other, but ultimately they have to live somewhere even if they have to rent a house. Being a landlord is very profitable as long as you are making the right property investment with good rental yields

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