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October 8, 2009 in Property Investment by Kez

London remains the prime area for investment opportunities not only in UK but also all throughout Europe. The prices for the properties in Central London rose up to 22% in 2006 and 18% in 2007 according to the International Property Consultants Savills. In terms of the whole area of London, historically the Central London properties are the best performing and it should continue to outperform the rest of the capital and even the whole of the United Kingdom for when the recovery fully takes effect.

Prime properties in Central London are found in Mayfair and St. James. The improvements in the Westminster part during the past ten years contributed largely to the price increase of the properties there.

In West London, two of the most prestigious areas are Notting Hill and Holland Park. Both are tagged as the smartest areas in London. Prime properties in neighboring areas include Bayswater and Marylebone.

With regards to the Northern Part of London, there has been a shift of business to the Docklands and Canary Wharf due to the conversion of many riverside warehouses. There is also an improved property price seen in Shad Thames, The Isle of Dogs and Wapping.

During the past five years, the areas of Wimbledon, Richmond, Wandsworth, Clapham and Battersea are all considered to be prime properties locations in South-West London.

Property Investors can also expect to earn from properties in Belgravia, Chelsea and Kensington as these areas are deemed to be the most expensive and highly regarded in all of the United Kingdom. The areas mentioned have a well-maintained stock of attractive period houses, smart shops and are very accessible to the main city.

International investors in UK usually come from oil rich countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan and the Middle East. If you are a buy to let property investor and you want to put your money in an area where the forecasted growth is historically high, invest in a UK London property.

UK residential property prices rose by an astonishing 410% between the years 1986 and 2006 as reported by the Housing Statistics Briefing, English Partnerships in September 2006. The economy in UK remains relatively stable in spite of global economic crisis. UK already recovered some of its loss by the middle-end of 2009 proving that the country still remains as an exceptional location for investment. While the British pound became cheaper by almost as much as 30% compared to the Euro and US dollar in the year 1997, it is expected to regain its powerful position in the year 2010.

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