Anyone Can Profit from Property

May 11, 2009 in Property Investment by Kez

Most of the people who hit the rich lists usually have one thing in common; they have used property investment to increase their wealth to greater heights. Property investment is used by the elite as a vehicle for making money and you would think to do the same you have to be ultra smart to reach these heights. But the question is do you need to be ultra smart? The answer is no! The great thing about property investment is that you don’t need to be super intelligent to make big profits; it is all about having the right knowledge and the drive to succeed. The idea behind successful property investing is pretty simple; do your research and just go out and buy.

If you look at the property price trends of the previous 10, 15 or 20 years in any area, you can see the significant price rises. If you had bought a property say 10 years ago, you would now be sitting on a handsome profit. You didn’t need to be a great negotiator, or a super intelligent to realize massive profits. We are not talking below market value property, we are talking big profits from property that you could have bought at FULL price! Buying virtually any property 10 years ago and realizing a profit now would make you seem like genius, but did you really have to be a genius to make the profit? Not quite!

In the current market we are being presented with a huge opportunity to capitalize on buying low priced property for profiting in the coming years. This is an opportunity that doesn’t require a genius to work that there is huge potential for profit. History shows that the property prices will rise on the long term and the normal thinking person in you will tell you that prices will be much higher a few years from now. Whether we reach the bottom of the declines this year, next year or whenever, a normal thinking person will know that the prices will eventually rise. So researching deals today and buying below market value property based on today’s valuations presents an excellent opportunity for massive long term profits. There are huge opportunities for an informed investor to go out into the market place and present sellers offers based on today’s prices. Do you think the rich people out there are sitting back scared of the current market declines or buying? The answer is that the richer who want to get richer are buying and buying regularly. They are making the most of the buy to let opportunities. You wouldn’t call them geniuses as this is a pretty obvious course of action to take; BUY LOW SELL HIGH!

To match the rich thinker, just do what they do, buy low and sell high! Do this a multiple number of times and as long as you don’t use your properties as a way to fund your lifestyle, you can also be sitting pretty in a few years time. Isn’t that simple or do you think there is more to it than that? Obviously you need to have knowledge to find and purchase the deals correctly but isn’t the principle easy enough? Keep it simple!

This is not something everyone will do. Why not? Because the average person will always have a reason not to work hard to find the deals and take action to go out there and grab the opportunities that are there to be taken.

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