Writing Property Rental Listings Successfully

May 29, 2009 in Property management by Kez

These days more and more tenants are on the look out for rental houses and the rental listing sites are flooded with rental property. In such a situation, you must make some extra efforts in order to distinguish your rental property from dozens of others; some similar houses on rent may just be in your very own neighborhood. If you go through the current rental listings on websites, you will not find it hard to observe that they all contain a traditional stereotype pattern. In order to ensure that your rental listings successfully pull tenants, make a few changes to make your listings unique and tempting.

Pick a Catchy Listing title

It is essential that you should start attracting the tenants from the very beginning. Rather then going with the conventional listing titles like $850 – 1 bd/1, make your title count and use catchy words. The importance of the title must not be underestimated; unless it appeals to the tenant, he/ she will not bother viewing the rest of the details.

It is beyond doubt that you must keep the title short, but still you have the margin to play with tempting words that impart vital data to tenants. You may desire to mention the number of bed rooms in your house, but mentioning a unique feature of your house will give your rental listing a cutting edge over the rest. Some important features that deserve a place in a good title include on-site washer and drier, car parking facilities, a good location, a nice view, superior décor or any other facilities which you desire to put across to your tenant. You can also enhance the distinctness of your property by mentioning places like gardens, conservatories, bar etc.

Keep Your Listing Specific and Make the Right Use of Adjectives

While writing your buy to let listing you should go all out and give complete information about your house with all its advantages and merits. Use of adjectives in description of your house also counts a lot. Rather than using common adjectives like “nice” or “amazing”, you need to use adjectives like “bright”, “classic” or “modern” which help the reader imagine those features in his/ her mind.

Tenants are more attracted to listings which give a clearer and unique description of the house, and you can achieve this goal by making the right use of adjectives.

Mention All the Details

It is definitely worth mentioning all the necessary information and distinctive features of your house and the surroundings to tenants. Although only these unique features will not guarantee seemingly trivial facts like a house on a quiet street or close to shopping centre may also tempt tenants. As your listing will play a defining role in convincing the tenant, it is important to take time while finding words for it. It is sometimes possible, that we fail to find the best features of things which we love the most, and you must make sure the same does not happen in case of your rental property.

‘Seeing is believing’

The famous proverb ‘Seeing Is Believing’ is not all that incorrect and giving nice pictures of the interior and exterior of your house will force the tenants to contact you. This is important, especially in case of gumtree as it provides an instant snap shot of your property.

It is advisable that you always keep some nice and presentable pictures of your house so that you can use them in future. The last thing you want is to be taking pictures of an untidy property when an existing tenant leaves and be using those pictures to try to attract tenants. This can be a major set back to your campaign to find a new tenant; therefore, ensure that you have a clean set of pictures handy that you can use to advertise while you clean up any mess behind a leaving tenant

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