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Why Do Students AdoreScience?

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BSc students spend much time doing labs and wear those white coats. It seems like no fun, but most of them maintain that it is rather crazy and they prefer actually to do something with hands rather than study History in a dusty library.
Having much laboratory work develop punctuality and such skill like time management. It is very strong points for future CV. In addition, they are lucky to work with really smart professors, who dedicated their lives to science. Most of students during their final year feel that they definitely did at least a small contribution to the knowledge of how the world works.
The main disadvantage of studying science is that students are really weak in art subject like Literature etc. They simply do not have enough time to complete all the paper work because often have all-nighters with various calculations for the Math. Nonetheless, Jack from Math class says “I am used to contact online writers to do my essay tasks, which is very convenient way to get satisfying texts without applying personal forces”. If they have friends from other faculties, science students can ask them to do the essay, but it is risky. Many art students are scattered and can forget about that issue.

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